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Ancient Chinese Secret?

Tonight, 08/08/08, at precisely 8:08 PM may have been the beginning of the something great for China. After centuries in the dark ages of human rights, China is hoping that reliance on an ancient belief that the number 8 signifies prosperity will help them emerge into the light as a formidable world leader. (Good luck with that theory.) But with current buzz that their record on human rights is actually worsening, will the old tradition prove to be valid? It’s superstition versus volition. Numerology alone will not likely be enough to lift them out of the human rights doldrums. It’s going to take the conscious and consistent choice to do what’s right over time (say, 8 years?) with much effort.

So will the numbers game work for them during the 29th Olympiad? In an ironic turn of events: Will China medal in only 8 events? Or will the competing Chinese athletes all place 8th? Or will they dominate 8 or even 88 events? Well, at the Olympics’ end in 16 days (Ooo, that’s double their number-that can’t be good), the secret will be revealed; the truth will be in the numbers. As to whether China will forge their way into recognition as the 8th industrial nation of the world or even be asked to join the G8 summit is a question that needs more time. At any rate, the hope is that these Olympic Games will signify their reversal of fortune. 

Good Luck China!