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I’ll Be Back!


Check back later this winter please.


Season Finale

“To everything there is a season. . . “ so says the book of Ecclesiastes. And this blog is no different. At the beginning of ’09, I committed to several goals this year. Unfortunately, in the process of juggling all these ambitions, I have dropped some along the way. Of course, I may pick them back up but it’s not long before one drops again. I have learned in life that when you are overwhelmed with all the things you are juggling, you can do one of three things: you can keep doing what you’re doing with the hope that you eventually “get it,” you can juggle with less balls until you have mastered that level, or you can just quit juggling.

I have decided to juggle with less balls. Here’s the thought process: If I drop just one ball even periodically, and more than likely it’d be a different ball each time, I fail at juggling period. In other words, I may not reach any of my accomplishments or it will certainly take me longer to get there. On the other hand, if I juggle with less balls dropping none, I am a success, albeit I am a less accomplished juggler than if I were to hit all my targets in the first example but my odds are better. If I stop juggling all together, not only do I fail at juggling but I fail at even trying; failure is certain. Rhetorically, let me ask you this: would you rather invest in a long shot, a sure shot, or a dud?

I want to be a sure shot! And it is for that reason that I am regretfully postponing my blog posts. I have been focusing so much on ensuring a post three times a week that I have  neglected the writing of my book. Writing is my dream. And I have been accomplishing my dream through you, the readers of this blog. But at the same time, the true realization of a writer’s dream, at least this writer’s dream, is publication. Just like our life here on earth is a dress rehearsal for Heaven, this blog has been a dress rehearsal for publication of a book. I appreciate all of you for aiding and abetting me in testing and reforming my style through this medium. While I am not a perfect writer (and never will be), my heart is ready. And quite frankly, that is all that is needed for the realization of a  dream. A heart that is ready will let nothing get in its way. A heart that is ready will not quit or back down. A heart that is ready will not bargain for second best; it will not rest until it has reached its destination; it will not be denied.

This is not a series finale, it is merely the end of a season. I will live to blog again; you have not seen the last of Brian Shaw. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I am taking my series to the big screen if you will. I am taking my passion and purpose to a higher pursuit. Please keep your eyes peeled for the release of my “feature film” in the near future. This is not the end, it is just the beginning . . .

Oh, and if by remote chance there is a published author who has any great advice or contacts he or she would like to share, or better yet, a publisher with some interest in my work, feel free to comment now. (LOL)

To all of you fellow dreamers: I encourage you on your pursuit. Make sure you take time to pause from time to time to compare your map and your current location to make sure that you are still on the shortest distance to your destination. If so, pursue relentlessly. If not, make the necessary adjustments and get back on the road.

Please keep me in your prayers. I am working on writing a 30 day devotional. Pray that the Lord would give me wisdom and continual revelation. Pray that he would guide my pen to position words in a way that will speak encouragement and hope to a multitude of people, not for my own profit but for kingdom profit, that those far from God may be drawn into greater intimacy with the Father through the Son. Pray that He keep me ever so humble and grateful for any talent that He has blessed me with. Finally, pray that I keep “first things first,” not neglecting my own spiritual walk or my own family.

Thank You and May God Bless You Abundantly!

Procrastinator’s Post

Postponed until tomorrow! (Blogger spent after following campaign and election closely; unwinding with my lovely wife.)

Thank You!

You have shown much love since I’ve started this blog on June 7th and now it’s my turn to reciprocate. Everybody enjoys an accolade now and again so here’s one for you.

Thank you so much to all you loyal, as well as, new readers. The response to my blog has been phenomenally more than I expected at this time and I owe you a debt of gratitude. Since starting, I have had over 1,100 visitors and 96 comments. My heaviest traffic was on September 11th, of which you are responsible for funneling 134 people to view the Remembering 9/11 video that my wife and I put together. Not only did I get a lot of compliments on the video, but posting it to YouTube was a first for me that yielded 181 total views and a 5-star rating (which I don’t know if that really means anything–it could have been one person rating it for all I know). But, my average daily audience has since been up. I thank you for the encouragement that you give this fledgling writer by visiting here daily. I hope that I continue writing inspiring enough things to keep you coming back and to grow my audience.

(Special thanks to my wife for visiting my site at least 20 times per day. HaHa!)

Thank you and God bless you all!

Neophyte Blogger

Yes, I am relatively new to blogging but I am not referring to myself–this time!

Give a shout out to Tiffani. She is a bff of Megan’s who just started a blog. She is 10 so I applaud her for an interesting blog. She even blogged politics! Check it out and encourage her with a comment. She’s the future of blogging

Keep up the good work Tiffani!