I Am Back!

Phew! I thought I would never make it. I am late, big time late. Many winters have passed since my last entry, talk about writer’s block. But here I am! I am back! I am not back on top, because I never was on top. I am not back after publication because I have not yet accomplished that. And I am not back the same; many things have happened over the years. Sadly, I am divorced, to mention one of the more important. Nonetheless, I am back…back to fight another day, back to write another day, and back to right my life. I would still like to get published some day (I mean, more than just self-publishing on this blog, of course. But I did miss that Publish button in the bottom right corner of these “Add Post” screens). And most importantly, I would still like to find lifelong happiness in the arms of another, without me getting in the way of it this time.

At any rate, I am unsure how much I will write here or if it will be here that I write at all. Stay tuned and hopefully it won’t be another 6 1/2 years before you hear from me again!

Ironic to my last post, Arnold Schwarzenegger was back again recently for another installment in the Terminator series. Ha!


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