All The World Is A Stage

Shakespeare penned those words, “All the world is a stage.” He was absolutely right. God is the Author and Director, His Word is the script, His Son is the superstar, your pastor is the narrator, you my friends are the cast, and the world is your stage. How well have you been acting? Are you studying and constantly practicing your lines? Are you giving an Academy performance or are you just going through the motions? Will you be honored at the ceremony? In other words, when the curtain goes down, will you hear your name followed by, “Well done good and faithful servant?”

Christ was beaten beyond recognition, crucified on a cross, and speared in the side on your behalf, get out there and break a leg!


2 responses to “All The World Is A Stage

  1. Good to remember all this as we get closer to Easter. On that note, I heard an interesting sermon yesterday in Rock Hill. The pastor, Scott Carroll, referred to the crucifiction and resurrection of Jesus as representing the “death of death” or the “obituary of death.” Had never thought of it quite that way, but makes perfect sense.

    So Easter represents the “death of death.” Jesus died a horrible death so that our souls would never actually perish.

    Best we all remember that.

  2. I should have correctly spelled it: crucifixion

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