Empty Nest

Reports are forecasting a strong front coming out of southwestern Pennsylvania that is causing certain birds to migrate south late in the season. The front is expected to arrive this Sunday, February 1st at about 6:20 PM Eastern Standard Time and will  remain on top of the area for the next year. Tune into NBC on Sunday for continual updates.


Go Steelers!


2 responses to “Empty Nest

  1. I’m torn this year. I grew up a Steelers fan as a kid, but the Cardinals are in the same division as the Seahawks and I’d like to see our division get revenge for that loss a couple of years ago where the referees decided the game.

  2. Poor Des, still crying about getting their tails handed to them in SB XL. If you think about it the “seahawks” were birds to, and just happened to run into a steel machine going in the opposit direction.

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