Follow the Leader, Maybe

The other night, I was sitting behind another car in the turning lane of a road that I don’t  frequently travel. It was dark and there were construction barrels at the intersection so as the light turned green, I followed the car in front of me across the intersection. About midway across the street, the road became rough and I quickly found myself on the opposite side of the barrels. Suddenly, I realized what I had done. I blindly followed someone of whom I had no idea where he would take me. He lead me down the wrong road in a potentially dangerous area. Fortunately, I recognized my error and was able to put myself on the right road before approaching any conditions that may have been detrimental to my car.

Who is it that you are following? Is it a person of integrity, knowledge, and trustworthiness? Are you cognizant of the direction in which you are being lead or are you following so closely behind that you are oblivious?

Be careful who you choose to follow. Even followers need to have a sense of the leaders vision not only to avoid deception but to foster momentum.


3 responses to “Follow the Leader, Maybe

  1. You are correct, Brian… it is difficult to determine those whom you are to emulate. Aside from Jesus, you will always have error, but it is in our nature to desire a mentor (for the most part). And how do we know the direction he is headed is right? His motives might be above water, but is his interpretation of God’s will correct? We must always remember to look to God first. I really like the way you turn ordinary events into a lesson.

  2. Wonder why so many of us blindly follow others just like sheep being led to the slaughter? I’ve noticed that a lot lately. We should be leading, not following.

  3. The problem is that it’s hard to find trustworthy people who have integrity. It’s really easy to find the others though.

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