Are You Down With OCC?

♫۰I’m down with O.C.C., yeah you know me!۰♫

You yungin’s (as they say here in the South) are probably sayin’, “What the heck? But for those of you who remember the song from the early 90’s (using a different acronym), like me you probably ain’t so hip these days. Well, the original connotation of the song may not have been very tasteful but what was meant for harm, I am using for good (like Joseph in Genesis 50:20).

O.C.C., or Operation Christmas Child is a pretty doggone hip ministry! Tina, Megan, and I had the opportunity to tour the Charlotte Processing Center on Monday to see how the whole process works from reciept of the boxes at the facility through the delivery of the shoeboxes to some of the world’s most deprived kids. We have been packing boxes for a few years now but this is the first time that I have gotten an inside look. I am impressed by the class and efficiency with which Franklin Graham’s organization operates. Even more impressive is the huge heart that each of the volunteers exhibited. These boxes are truly inspired by the love of Christ from the hands that pack them at home, to the hands that process them at the center, and into the hands of those that are usually empty handed.

They have a goal to send 8.1 million boxes all over the world this Christmas and you could help! Tomorrow (December 6th) is the deadline to have a shoebox at any one of the five processing centers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Minneapolis, and Orange County. Or, they accept them at their Boone Processing Center all year long. I enjoy not only praying that our boxes bless the receiver but that they bless every hand that they come in contact with along the way. Share the joy of Jesus this Christmas season, send a shoebox.occ


2 responses to “Are You Down With OCC?

  1. I live in Denver… I wish I had read this before today.

  2. I wish I would have posted it before. Sorry ketch22. You can send one all year round to the Boone Processing Center.

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