Paddle Your Own Canoe

Carpe Diem (or Seize the Day), as exclaimed by Robin Williams in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society. I love a good movie, a good quote, a good blog post, or any good piece of media that aims to inspire. I heard a great poem a few years back that reminds me of the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Each day we get is a blessing, question is, will we waste it or will we use it for the glory of God? Either way, it is your choice. Whether you find yourself in a sea of success or up a creek without a paddle, make today count; make today the day that you will forge ahead in the direction of your destination! Paddle your own canoe!

Paddle Your Own Canoe

Voyager upon life’s sea,
To yourself be true,
And whatever your lot may be,
Paddle your own canoe.
Never, though the winds may rave,
Falter or look back;
But upon the darkest wave
Leave a shining track.
Paddle your own canoe.

Nobly dare the wildest storm,
Stem the hardest gale,
Brave of heart and strong of arm
You will never fail.
When the world is cold and dark,
Keep your aim in view;
And toward the beacon work,
Paddle your own canoe. …

..Would you crush the giant wrong,
In the world’s free fight?
With a spirit brave and strong,
Battle for the right.
And to break the chains that bind
The many to the few
To enfranchise slavish mind,-
Paddle your own canoe.
Nothing great is lightly won,
Nothing won is lost,
Every good deed, nobly done,
Will repay the cost.
Leave to Heaven, in humble trust,
All you will to do:
But if succeed, you must
Paddle your own canoe.

by Sarah Bolton, written in 1851


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