God’s Team


I said a few weeks ago that I was going to prove that the Pittsburgh Steelers was God’s Team, his all-time NFL pick, and today’s the day. For you doubting Thomas’s who would nag say, “if the Steelers was God’s team, then why aren’t they undefeated?” Here’s your answer: Because God is a good god, He is sovereign, He is merciful, and He loves an exciting football game. Would it be fair or worth watching if He used His omnipotence as an advantage to dominate and obliterate the competition? You wouldn’t even tune it! Don’t forget, He did lead them to 5 Superbowl victories, shared only by 2 other teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys (not coincidentally Satan’s team–Note: the Steelers are up 2-1 over Dallas in their Superbowl meetings). On with the proof. If you just turn the Steelers’ logo counterclockwise about 90 degrees, as if turning back time, you’ll see the sign of the cross. Check it out for yourself (I added some dotted lines for better illustration):


Voilà! The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit–that’s what those diamonds represent in case you were ever wondering. So there you have it! Instead of only wishing that your team can attain dynasty status like Pittsburgh or getting jealous over the successes of the Steelers, you can aspire to have that same God-like character and ability for your team!

Disclaimer: For those of you who think this is sacrilegious, this isn’t my doctrine; it’s all in good fun. God’s real team is His Church (big C), those who have accepted Christ into their hearts; and it’s a victorious team. If that’s you, then we’re teammates–glad to be on the same team! If not, join today!

4 responses to “God’s Team

  1. Brian,
    I had added you to my favorite blog, but have decided to remove you. I do believe that this is sacreligious. Anybody who has truly read the Word would realize this. I really thought I had found a kindred spirit in all things God until reading this careless post from you. The evidence truly posts to God favoring the Denver Broncos. The blue and orange sunsets He gives us daily. The fact that this team comes from Denver. And the added blessing of John Elway. I will keep you for a while longer I guess, but any more posts like these, I will truly have to think again about my loyalty.

  2. Thank you for your mercy, ketch22.

    bronco -noun, a range pony or mustang of the western U.S., esp. one that is not broken or is imperfectly broken.

    With all due respect though, we are only “broncos” without Christ because Christ came to fix the broken, to make us the righteousness of God. Nice try though.

  3. I thought the Saints were God’s team??

  4. Nah–just fox in sheep’s clothing.

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