That’s How We Roll

Just for the fun of it, I thought we’d take a poll of how you roll. Don’t laugh, this has been a source of contention in marriage for many years.



5 responses to “That’s How We Roll

  1. Brian,

    You should have never even opened this can of worms. Oh man! It’s obvious that the roll goes on it’s side on the floor. 🙂

    –David McKee

  2. Most of the time I change the roll, but if someone does it the opposite way I will change it.

  3. When growing up in a houuse with a family of many people heck I don’t care how it rolls…. Just long as there some on the roll when I need it…. Please remember to put a roll on when you use the last pull….. Thanks!

    (aka Queen of hearts)

  4. Over/In Front is the only way for me, if it’s under/behind I will change it.

  5. Of course we roll in front!! That’s how we roll, Big Bro!!!

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