God Bless America

This morning, I got into my car with an Elevation Church sticker proudly displayed in the window and drove by several bustling businesses into the parking lot of the local volunteer fire department to cast my vote. The smell of FREEDOM, a free society in a free–market country, ain’t it great? I love this country!

I have to admit, though, I’ve had my doubts about the early voting process in my rural county. Voting in my precinct at previous elections has seemed a little archaic to be in the 21st century. They’d ask my name, look me up in this thick logbook, have me verify my address, and then cross me off the list–that’s it! No computer, no ID check. Heck, I’ve had my name passed over in restaurants under this type of system.

Despite my reservations about the antiquated election procedures, I didn’t want to risk not making it to the polls on Tuesday (gotta’ work, got bills to pay). There is far too much chaos in this world right now to not let my voice be heard. Well, they still didn’t ask for my ID (to my neighbors Greg, Bob, and Roger: Don’t bother coming out, I took the liberty to cast your votes and I must say, I like your selections! Kidding, I’m kidding, don’t have me investigated). They did have computers though, laptops even–I’m impressed. It’s comforting to see some of my tax dollars put to good use, as they should be in a democracy.

Boy, is it liberating to be able to exercise several rights as an American even before some have awoken for the day. At least one of my great grandfathers, both of my grandfathers, and my dad have all risked their lives fighting for this country and the freedoms that we have so I take that privilege seriously. I refuse to let the agenda of misguided politicians determine which freedoms are negotiable. We live in the best country in the world; I won’t apologize for it nor will I back down from anyone who seeks to destroy what makes it great (if you’re one of them, I wouldn’t be disappointed if you got stuck in traffic and missed your opportunity to vote). I believe in freedom and democracy whole-heartedly and if you stand with me, take it to the polls baby!


2 responses to “God Bless America

  1. Good you already voted, Brian. I voted early (absentee) in York, S.C., last Friday. Waiting in line about 45 minutes, but worth it, I believe.

    Well, it’s almost over–almost. Then, as someone on TV said the other day, Wed. (Nov. 5) will be the first day of campaigning for the 2012 election!

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