Man’s Best Friend

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

This is the favorite quote of an old friend of ours. If you’ve never heard it before, you may not know the source of it. Believe it or not, it comes straight out of God’s Holy Book–Proverbs 26:11 to be exact. The question is, what does it actually mean?

I think it’s pretty simple. The dog does a shameful act of disobedience, he vomits (probably on the new carpet). This kind of conduct is habit for Spot because he simply does not know any better; he doesn’t have a conscience to tell him right from wrong, to give him that guilty feeling. And it is no different for the sinner without Christ. He continues to sin because he sees nothing wrong with it; he does not have a standard (Christ) to live up to.

So what? Well, this verse suggests that the onus is not on the sinner to find Christ because the sinner doesn’t know he needs Him; remember, he sees nothing wrong with what he is doing. The obligation, then, is on YOU, those who already know Christ. It’s the great commission. Christ has charged YOU with the responsibility to lead the sinner to Christ. The parable has the sheep owner going out to find the one lost sheep, not sitting there with the other ninety-nine in the flock.

Moral: There is a lost and dying world out there, let’s get out there and conquer it for the cause of man’s best friend (and Savior), Christ! Oh, and don’t let your dog eat his own vomit.


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  1. nice post…Godbless

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