Goodwill Challenge

Finally as promised, here’s the sequel to Good Meal, Goodwill, Good Deal . . .

My mom used to question our success at Goodwill––not at finding bargains, everything is a bargain at Goodwill, but at finding new or like-new designer apparel. She often blamed her location (cause she’s not in the BIG city) and would challenge us (probably jokingly) saying, “I’ll pay for anything that you find in there.” Well, in January of this year, we just happened to be driving by the rural store in her small, low-income Pennsylvania town when we spotted a shirt displayed in the window that looked like something fitting my daughter’s taste. That was all the persuasion we needed. Game on! Mom, get out your checkbook ‘cause we’re about to rack up in this joint!

Can you say, “cha-ching cha-ching?” We didn’t get the shirt in the window (wrong size or something) but within five minutes I had a Banana Republic blazer for myself and an Old Navy one for my wife; she had a pair of leather boots. I also walked out of there with a pair of distressed button-fly Mossimo jeans that still had the tags on them (big whoop, right? It’s Target’s brand––don’t act like you don’t shop there.) Even though we didn’t get the full experience due to a preset dinner time, we still managed to buy over $60 worth of stuff; and that doesn’t include the $20 or $30 worth of stuff that we put back in order to be fair to my mother or the dozen or so XXL shirts that I showed her for my dad (he didn’t need any at the time). Don’t feel too bad for my mom, we didn’t exploit her; we were willing and able to pay for everything we bought but she insisted (she’s a stand-up woman). Besides, she walked out with some things for herself and a new appreciation for a great organization.

If you’ve never tired it, don’t knock it until you do. You may have to look a little harder than in your traditional store but it is worth the effort. And most of the time, the workers are genuinely nicer than you’ll find anywhere else and that’s an endangered commodity these days.


One response to “Goodwill Challenge

  1. This sounds like my wife and her family. They’ve never met a garage sale they didn’t like.

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