First Amendment Rights Revoked?

I was simply trying to exercise my First Amendment right as an American by displaying a campaign sign for a presidential candidate in my yard. I had also picked one up for my neighbor across the street. A few days later––GONE, both of them. It’s no mystery what happened to them. There’s no homeowner’s association restriction against them. In fact, I’ve seen other signs prominently displayed many times before. There hasn’t been any recent gale force winds hurling them like tumbleweed across my development either. The probability that someone else in support of the same candidate snatching them for his yard is highly unlikely. It doesn’t take CSI to figure out the guilty party here. I did a search online and found out that this is a rather common occurrence lately. It makes me wonder:

  1. Is this childish exploit an indication of what America is becoming? I sure hope not. If so, how can Democracy be so easily brushed aside for this onslaught of Socialist manifestations?
  2. Wherein lies the boundaries? In other words, at what point is it okay to quell my First Amendment rights to exercise yours? If I plant a shrub that is somehow offensive to you, should you have the right to pluck it from my yard too? What if you think the shutters on my house are “ghetto,” can you just rip them off of the window without regard for my property?
  3. How can you respect a party whose President gets elected not by character and merit but by “more of the same” lame corruption that we already have enough of in office?
  4. What is it about a man (or woman) who has the audacity to pluck a sign from a yard in the dark of night yet lacks the courage and decency to 1) use his voice in a positive manner and 2) respect another’s rights as long as it doesn’t violate his? I’d rather he knock on my door to initiate a civil and respectable discussion about his point of view rather than behaving like a pathetic, spineless sap cowering behind mindless acts of conduct.

What do you think?

Don’t be so concerned with your rights that you forget your manners. ~Anonymous

Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one. ~Goethe


4 responses to “First Amendment Rights Revoked?

  1. “World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”

    Check out my blog for more–DON’T WAIT!

  2. averageuscitizen

    Stealing campaign signs has gone on for decades. You hear about it in every election from both sides of the aisle. The people who do this are simply ignorant hooligans.

    I had purchased a new car in 1999 and had a Gore for President bumper sticker on the trunk. I came out of work one day to find a nice long key scratch to the paint job and the sticker torn.

    This is a free country and as long as you are not promoting hate or violence, you should be able to say what you want or post a sign in your yard or window or on your car without fear of some ignorant fool stealing it or vandalizing your property.

    I would go right out and put up two more signs, rent a video camera, see if it happens again, then turn the tape over to the authorities.

    I’m 100% for Barack Obama, but I absolutely condemn anybody who will try to intimidate anyone from either side of the aisle.

  3. It’s horrible/dispicable/shameful that this sign snatching can happen in America.

    Give ’em you know what, Brian!

  4. I pray that the great American values remain for I know what it’s like living in a place where there is no respect for other people’s properties, opinions, and no freedom of expression.

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