Voting Practice: Part 2

Doom and Gloom-sometimes it seems we just have no choice in the outlook. Anyone who has had the tv on (or doesn’t live in a bubble) is aware of the “pending doom” of the economic crisis or the comedic roast that the presidential campaign has become. The media has a way of turning any upside down. Actually, living in a bubble, or better yet bubble wrap, may not sound like such a bad prospect; maybe you’d feel more secure about the impact of “what’s to come” (and we’d all get a good laugh.) Rest assured, though, there are still certain things that you are in your control of (like your bladder, for example. The government hasn’t yet found a way to control or tax it-YET!) There are also those many daily decisions that we make on the fly without even realizing it. Here’s just a few that you can test yourself out on (for more, see Part 1):

Debate     or     Rebate

Taxi     or   Cab

American     or     Japanese (cars)

American     or     Japanese (food)

American     or     Swiss (cheese)

American Pie     or     American President (the movies)

Paper     or     Plastic (grocery bag)

Paper (Cash/Debit)     or     Plastic (Credit)

General     or     Plastic (surgery)

Soda     or     Pop

Pepsi     or     Coke

Splenda     or     Equal

Nature     or     Nurture

Mayonnaise     or     Miracle Whip

Hellman’s     or     Krafts (or Duke’s here in the South)

God     or     Satan

To be     or     Not to be

Black with white stripes     or     White with black stripes (zebras or referees)

Rain     or     Shine

sky is falling     or     sky’s the limit

I-Phone     or     Blackberry

Lip Balm     or     Lip Gloss

Jekyll     or     Hyde

#1     or     #2 (Gotta’ go?)

Pork Chop     or     Pork Barrel

Be sure to come back for the last and final Part of the saga . . .


2 responses to “Voting Practice: Part 2

  1. Rebate
    Japanese (cars)
    Swiss (cheese)
    American Pie
    Plastic (grocery bag)
    Plastic (Credit)
    Plastic (surgery)
    (Write in) Sugar
    To be
    White with black stripes (zebras or referees)
    sky’s the limit
    Lip Gloss
    Jekyll or Hyde–I can’t decide..YES YOU CAN…No I can’t
    (Write in) Cracker Barrel

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