Queen of Hearts

Tina and I were graciously invited to a party by a coworker of mine. The festivities began with a diverse group of 50 plus people. The fellowship was superb, the food yummy (chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, and jalapeño poppers), the DJ jammin’, the disco lights poppin’, and the dancin’ hot. Themed, “Queen of the Jungle,” after the nickname of the hostess (Queen), the party even boasted a Tarzan yell contest (and I tied for 1st––AhhhhhAhhhhhh!)

Yes, this party is definitely worth bragging about but even more brag-worthy (and blogworthy) is the hostess. Queen is truly the “hostess with the mostest.” There are some people who let life’s circumstances make them bitter and some who let life’s circumstances make them better. As someone who has been a paraplegic since being hit by a drunk driver in the 70’s, Queen is definitely the latter. She is the kind of person with an energetic personality that lights up the room when she enters. She is not idle or lazy, inspiring others by working three jobs despite her reliance on a wheelchair. Some would say that her paralysis is a disability but apparently, no one has ever told her. Her Christian walk is more of a strut, resonating in the hearts of those around her. She has scaled the mountains of life with grace and dignity yet is humble enough to share the fruits of victory with her vast array of friends (and I just happen to be lucky enough to be called one). While the party was intended to be a celebration of Queen’s birthday, the real gifts are not in what she received but in what she gives to those who are fortunate enough to know her.

We celebrate you, Queen!


26 responses to “Queen of Hearts

  1. I see that by not going I relly missed out. Libby I love you and we are yet going out to supper.

  2. Miss Libby you are like a 2nd mom to me and I you always know how to cheer me up with that West Virginia hospitality. You will always have a place in my heart. Love your WV girl….Brandi

  3. I would absolutely agree with the comments made about The Queen. I really enjoyed being invited amongst her closest friends. Her since I meet her I knew she was someone special. The kind of person that leaves a lasting impression. Thank You Libby for everything…..

  4. Denise White (big sis)

    I am so glad I attended Queen’s function. I had not been “out” all year and the party was just what I needed. Thanks Queen for the food, music, laughter and memories. Looking forward to our next gathering.

  5. Thank you Libby for being my sister-in-law.

    Brother T. Walton

  6. See sister-in-law you move me so that I mis-spelled my last name.

    Brother T. Walton

  7. Jetanna Rendleman

    miss queen i absoluely had a ball much love 2 u i love ur way ur the type of person that will leave a lasting impression on people of all color ur new friend 4 life jetanna rendleman

  8. Libby (alias Queen)

    Hey Blogger,

    Thank you and Tina for being a part of my Celebration. I thank God for you as you have been a big inspiration to me every since you crossed my path last year. Through your writings I have found it more than just blogging I have found a friend in you. And it has made me laugh and I check out your site each and every time I get a chance. Keep up the good work. Your official name is “The Blogger” and you carry it well. Go Brian. May God continue to bless you and Tina and your family. If the Queen of Hearts can ever do anything for you please don’t hestitate to ask.

    Much Christian Love,

    Queen of Hearts

  9. ‘Sorry’ I missed the party, I have to say, The Queen is my future wive.

  10. When I first met you I felt the connection in the spirit. I feel really blessed to know you. I really enjoyed The Celebration of Life Party and the continuation of it your birthday party. You have had a tremendous impact on my life. Being a christian woman myself, I had forgot how to have fun and how to enjoy life to its fullest. Thank you QUEEN for blessing me! You are a beautiful and precious jewel inside and out. There is a light that shines in you and I know it is GOD standing up in you. Again, thank you so much. I love you!

  11. Late to class as usual. Oh my goodnes!!Queen invited me to a party she threw before, and due to unforseen circumstances I didn’t get a chance to go, well when she decided to have this one, she invited me again. I had the best time, I met some of the best people, danced till I sweated out my hair, and the food was awesome……Queen is a outstanding fabulous DIVA…The first time I met her, I gravitated over to her right away. She didn’t even know me but treated me as if we were old friends…Outstanding woman……

  12. Hey, I got so excited talking about the party, I put my screen name…See!!!!!! That party was Hot and My sister friend is even hotter……….cant wait for the next Bang……lol

  13. Rhonda (big sis #4)

    Hey Blogger (Brian)… Thank you for capturing in words the wonderful person that God has blessed us to know. Your picture above perfectly captures the warm glow of her spirit and the endless enthusiasm in her smile. It’s not every day that you meet a person who can convince you to do a Tarzan yell… Hey Queen! Love Ya kiddo

  14. Unfortunately I was not able to attend another one of the Queen’s gala events. It’s obvious that everyone had a grand time. I’ve known Queen Libby for several years and she never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Her drive for life just keeps picking up speed. You go girl!!!!

  15. Libby,

    Keep doin’ what you are doing. The Misses and I really enjoyed the party. As you seen, I come in, party hard, and go! HAHAHA… Be Blessed!

  16. WOW you are a fantastic writer my grandmother told me that you blogged about her party and i just had to read it keep up the good work


  17. My husband and I attended the party and had a wonderful time. We only had a limited time there because of having to get back to relieve our babysitter. However, we danced the entire time we were in attendance, (I think I sat out on one song). But we truly had a great time. I have known Libby approx. seven years and she is an inspiration to me. She is a very private person, but she has such a zeal for life and her energy is contagious. Many of us in life let little issues get us down, when really it’s not as bad as we think. When you look at Libby you know that you have not excuses for being apathetic. So I toast Libby, her zeal and her divaosity ( I just made that word up:-)!!


  18. I had a great time at the party and can’t wait to do it again. The food was great and the entertainment was priceless. See you at the next affair ( maybe a wedding for the Queen???)

  19. Spontaneous party you Queen. Thank you for being my Aunt
    live life, love life, & learn life
    you are a nice beautiful woman with a sense of style.

    Your lovely Niece Kiah Aaliyah Walton

  20. OK Queen,

    I’m sitting here blogging to you while my youngest daughter keeps on saying side bar comments. I can not concentrate because of her!!! Therefore I’m leaving you a quote from Aristotle…”Quality is not a act. It is a habit..and you posess the highest quality that a litte sister looks up to in a big sister.
    Keep up the good work!


    Mrs. Walberg

  21. Hey lil sis, Big Up’s ‘…You said this would be the summer of Libby and ”wow” it really was. Just knowing that you enjoy life and made everyone around you enjoy and celebrate life with you is something we will never forget, We like seeing that pretty smile on your face, Even though you said you have retired for the winter lol, ”YEAH WHAT EVER”, We will see if next summer will be part 2 . ‘LOL’ LOVE YOU LIL SIS GOD BLESS

  22. Well the word around town is who’s that sexy lady driving men crazy?! Queen is what they call her! I call her my friend that sticks closer than a sister! That is why she is so special to me! Libby is the light that lights up a dark room! She is the sunshine on a cloudy day! She is a rare Jewel that you cherish for a life time. I am glad that the Lord let our paths cross. And I am glad we are in our third season of Celebrating Life !!! I can’t wait to see What’s next ??
    I love ya, Sherita

  23. The Queen story is so true. As a co worker and sister in Christ i personally have been so touched by Libby. Her joy, laughter and celebration of life and her faith ring faithful all day long. She is truely light to all who come in contact to her. Despite Libby’s limitations and the tragedy she has experienced in life she runs the race with determination and the joy of her salvation!! Thank Lord for Libby and the gift she is in life. Jesus embraced life and engaged himself into the lives of those around him and just like Libby, may we all have that heart to love and celebrate as Father God would have us, preparing for the greatest party of all…….the Feast of the Kingdom loving and living as we go.
    Thanks Blogger Brian. You too are an inspiration to me as well.
    Jennie Lacivita

  24. sorry i was unable to make your party. i will try to make your wedding,and do a dance.

  25. Ms. Libby!
    Thank you so much for the invite to your party. As always it’s a joy to be around you & your friends. You have such a bubbly & infectious personality that spreads from heart to heart so we can’t help but have a good time. I can’t wait for the next event! Please continue to be the “QUEEN” that you are, setting examples for a “PRINCESS” like myself.
    Love & Blessings!

  26. Sorry I missed the “Queen’s Gaitherin” this time–I had to work 😦 But hopefully I will catch the next one. Happy to hear everyone had a blast!

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