Gimme a Break!

Here is an old standby of something I wrote years ago. Enjoy . . .

Few things in life have the reliability of the brake system on an automobile. Think about how many times you pump your brakes in a day, a year, a lifetime. Have you or anyone you know ever experienced brake failure? Chances are, you have not. Even brake failure portrayed in the movies rolled out by Hollywood is typically related to tampering and not just failure of the brakes themselves. How much more effective could we be if only we were as reliable as our braking system? Well here are some tips to improving your reliability:

  • Pump yourself up. Just as brakes work best when pumped, we work best when encouraged.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your skills. We don’t fear using our brakes when needed and they rarely fail us; use your skills more often than needed and not only will you increase your odds for success but you will sharpen your skills.
  • Schedule regular maintenance and stick to your schedule. Keep your brake fluid level full and your brake pads intact by holding yourself and each other accountable. Keep a meticulous calendar so that important dates are not missed.
  • Seek professional assistance. Be open to the advice and counseling  of others. Continually seek feedback from valuable sources. Participate in training and other educational opportunities that will broaden your abilities.
  • Check your dashboard frequently for red alerts. Quick attention in fixing these items of weakness is a must.

Attention to the tips above will help keep you running free from defects. Remember them next time your reliability is tested. Say, “I brake for success!” and get moving toward your dream!


One response to “Gimme a Break!

  1. Excellent; good advice; now if only I could follow it.

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