‘Tis the Season

As I was pushing the mower past one of the Crepe Myrtle trees in my front yard the other day, I glanced left only to be startled by this scary arachnid. Ooooo! It gave me the heebeegeebee’s! It was a welcomed sign, though, of the start of one of my favorite seasons–fall. There is something about the cooler temperatures, the palette of leaf colors, and the smell of wood burning in the fireplace that makes life worth living. I could certainly do without the spiders but I like what they foreshadow.

To everything there is a season, says the Lord. Fall is a time when plant life begins to die or go dormant. This is sort of the Lord’s way of pruning the Earth’s vast landscape in preparation for new growth. What season does the Lord have you in right now (football season is not the answer I’m looking for, guys)? A season of pruning? A season of new growth? A season of blessing or harvest? A rough patch maybe? What are the signs that fortell the next season of your life? What can you do to “rake the leaves” in this season in order to prepare yourself for the next? What in your life needs pruned? Or fetilized? Or just watered? Is there something we could be praying with you about?


2 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. Yes, fall definitely on the near horizon. One of my favorite seasons because of football and the leaves and Thanksgiving.

    Get a chance, Brian, please check out my blog and watch the police video of the man arrested for drunk driving.

    Click on the link in the headline AFTER you’ve read my post. Then please post a comment. I’m writing a piece for a journalism trade publication. May use some of the reader comments from my blog about this police video.

  2. Hey AKA Blogger, I know you wanted a male’s perspective but The Queen reads your blogging and she always wants to comment. I love the entire bible but I favor Eccl 3 1:15 nv Time for everything in a season. And I love football and the fall season with the changing of the leaves and the barometric pressure.

    I tend to slow down somewhat and and get ready for what in known as my hibernation state for the winter season. The cold winter winds and icy roads of the Carolinas unlike the knee deep snow from my home of W.Va. I gives me an opportunity to meditate about where I am in life before the New Year starts so I can try to do better next year.

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