I Will Not Be Silenced

Years ago when I worked in home health, I visited some patients living in deplorable conditions. They would often have me opening closets or getting into drawers to get their medicines or medical supplies. As I’d open the drawer, the light would cause the roaches to scurry back into the dark. Isn’t that just like evil sometimes? You expose it to the light and it goes running, instead of being transformed by the light.

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light,” says Luke 11:33. Well, I stumbled on an interesting post by a fellow follower this weekend that brought this issue to my attention. It turns out that there is a house of worship in Baltimore, and probably some all across the globe, whose “condition” (spiritually speaking) is as equally reprehensible as the homes that I used to visit.

There is a video posted to YouTube about a week ago of a pastor going beyond giving his Presidential pick to his congregation by hurling aspersions and publicly condemning the alleged sins of another candidate. It is appalling and brings shame to the name of Christ. See what you think:


It’s a sad commentary in Christianity when preachers pollute the pulpit with propogandic poppycock; when the precepts of Christ take a back seat to backbiting and political agenda. None of the candidates are perfect, but who among us is? ‘You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.’ Luke 6:42

That was my YouTube comment–twice. And it wasn’t well received. In fact, it wasn’t received at all; it was never published. Meanwhile, the video is picking up speed having 70,000 more views this morning than yesterday with a running total of 471 comments, most of which are praising the pastor with an “Amen” encouragement (of course, as any others are obviously being ignored).

Now, I’m a firm believer in free speech so the publisher of the video has every right to censor me, but why would he? Why would he not let my comments be heard in a public forum like YouTube? Well, with the views of this exploit reaching 200,000 and beyond, I refuse to be silenced! This thing has gotten all over me; not the video necessarily as I realize that heresy is rampant, but the fact that the Truth is being hidden.

I have taken it upon myself to make my comment to the pastor, Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, directly through his ministry website guestbook. If you feel the same way, I’d encourage you to do the same. This is not a political thing or race thing or Palin thing or an Obama thing–this is a Christ thing. I give God all the glory and pray that He would rebuke and humble any of us who dare to defile His holy name.

Note: If unable to watch the video from here, use this hyperlink to watch it from the source.


5 responses to “I Will Not Be Silenced

  1. Looks like the video was flagged and removed. :).

    Its one of the perks of democracy- not knowing when the right becomes an infringement on another’s right. Where the limits are and who sets the limit, given all things in the field of emotions are relative.

  2. I tried to watch the video, but it displays a message that the video is no longer available.

    Somebody must have complained about it and had You Tube take it down. I don’t know. Anyway, it will probably resurface under a different title or screen name.

    If your comments are being blocked by the publisher of the video, you can do your own video response to rebut them.

    For anyone who hasn’t already done it, it’s very easy to set up a You Tube account and upload videos made by (free) MS Movie Maker.

    I encourage Christians to do just that. You need to let your voices be heard. If you do a search on You Tube for Sarah Palin you will see a multitude of nasty, perverted, and lying videos people have uploaded. We need to post the truth about Gov. Palin to counter all the negative ones.

  3. my soul & slm07,
    Thank you for your response. The video has not been flagged but has over 363,00o views as of right now. If you can’t watch it from my blog, you should be able to click the “video” hyperlink in my post which will take you to the source of the video.

    slm07, I’ll check out the possiblility of a response video but don’t know that I’ll give it much time–thanks for the tip. Also, I do like Sarah and I’m sure there are plenty of negative Obama videos out there but my main concern is the attempt to tarnish the banner of Christ. It’s not the “truth” that sets us free, it’s “knowing the truth” that sets us free and the video’s source is apparently oblivious.

  4. It is sad to see this in America today .

  5. It would be a blessing to see America’s pulpits used for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and not the one-sided political opinions of prosperity preachers. We also need not use the pulpit for tabloid gossip about presidential candidates. Good post! Keep telling the truth.

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