Voting Practice: Part 1

Decisions, decisions, decisions—life is full of them. I once heard that there are no stupid people in the world, just people who make stupid decisions. I don’t know that there is a whole lot of difference there except that it is better to judge the deed instead of the dude. At any rate, better decisions breed a better life.

Well, there is nothing like a little good-humored practice to sharpen the ol’ noodle. Tina and I like to have fun with some of the menial decisions of life like, which peanut butter to eat. We’ve even had taste tests (JIF rocks!). No, this won’t solve the world’s problems but it will make light of them as we prepare to go to the voting booth for a decision of graver consequence in just over 45 days. Not registered yet? Go here before time runs out. This is an election that you do not want to miss!

In the meantime, don’t take life so seriously. See where you stand on this first part of a three-part post? Enjoy!

 Ketchup                                  or            Catsup

 Heinz Ketchup                       or            Hunts Ketchup

 Innie                                        or            Outie (belly button)

 PC                                            or            Mac

 Mac N’ Cheese                      or            MacDonald’s

 History                                    or            Her story

 Starbucks Coffee                  or            Caribou Coffee

 Tai Chi                                    or            Chi Tea

 White                                      or            Wheat

 JIF Peanut Butter                 or            Peter Pan Peanut Butter

 Jiffy Lube                               or            SpeeDee Oil Change

 Tomato [tuhmeytoh]           or            Tomato [tuhmahtoh]

 V8                                            or            V6

 Holy Spirit                              or            Holy Ghost

 Holy Mackerel                        or            Holy Guacamole [Batman!]

 Cable TV                                 or            Dish TV

 HDTV                                       or            HGTV

 Pittsburgh Steelers               or            Dallas Cowboys

 Cowboys                                  or            Indians

 Yes                                           or            No (check one)

 Blonde                                     or            Brunette

 Bloke                                       or            Sheila (think Outback)

Hope you had fun. Don’t wander off for too long, they’ll be more practice to come!





2 responses to “Voting Practice: Part 1

  1. My Votes go to:

    Heinz Ketchup
    Starbucks Coffee
    Tai Chi
    Peter Pan Peanut Butter
    Jiffy Lube
    Tomato [tuh-mey-toh]
    Holy Ghost
    Holy Guacamole [Batman!]
    Cable TV
    Miami Dolphins (Write-In)
    Sheila (think Outback)

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