Fuel Your Faith

Line up to gas up at a local Costco

Line up to gas up at a local Costco

What is the craze over gasoline lately that rumors of a shortage would send people who otherwise weren’t planning to fill up Thursday night into lining up like school girls for Miley Cyrus tickets to feed their tank (and drain their pocketbook) Friday morning? How is it that the same gasoline that was $3.63/gal the day before rose by a dollar or more less than 12 hours later? It’s a limited supply (or the perception of one anyway); simple supply and demand. We tend to take our needs for granted as long as it seems like the supply is unlimited. Limit the supply, however, and things change. Value and demand skyrockets.

Well, we serve an unlimited God. But, what if our infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing God become more finite? In other words, if the supply of God was limited, would the demand for Him, for his fellowship, go up? Would we “seek” Him more? Would we develop a constant craving for Christ instead of a wavering want for a wishing well, calling on His name only in times of desperation? Would people who would otherwise find comfort far from Him suddenly have the desire to be wrapped in His arms? What would it take to create that kind of hysteria for a God without limits? How can we fuel the faith in a lost and dying world?


One response to “Fuel Your Faith

  1. When our backs are against the wall ( as when we confront a life or death situation, or perhaps confront our own mortality), that’s when we reach out for God. Sad that many of us wait till then–when it might be too late.

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