This is a test and only a test…

Anyone who watches any amount of t.v. is probably aware by now that as of February 17, 2009, analog t.v. signals will be history. This week, a few local channels actually killed their analog signal for 30 seconds as a test for people to see whether a converter box would be needed to pick up a digital signal.

What if you could lose your earthly signal for 30 seconds in order to see if you get a heavenly signal? I’m not talking about Near-Death Experiences–that’s clinical death. I’m talking natural death, deader than a doornail, “the soul has left the building” never to return kind of death. What would you find? Heaven? Hell? Static? The end of your existence, human and spiritual?

Wouldn’t that make answering the question of God’s existence a lot easier? How would this experience change you, especially if you found yourself in the “wrong place?” If it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heaven and Hell are real, would faith even be required anymore? Would evil cease to exist if everyone got a glimpse of Heaven or Hell? Or, on the other hand, what would happen if there was nothing, no signal, no evidence of a soul outside of our human existence? Would the world fall apart? Which would prevail: good or evil?

I do know “the answer.” I’ve got me a “converter” to pick up the heavenly signal for when my earthly signal is no more. The only “test” I have is the “testament” of Christ in the Bible, to which some would say, “You’d bet your life on a book?” To which I’d respond, “You’d book your bet on a question? ‘No answer’ is a bigger gamble. I’d rather believe in something good and find nothing than to believe in nothing and miss paradise.”

There is a test. Unfortunately, there are just no retakes; no 30 second trials like in the DTV example above. In my heart, I have found faith in something greater than myself, a God who loves me enough to send His son to pass the test for me. Come to know “the answer” for yourself.


2 responses to “This is a test and only a test…

  1. Evil wouldn’t cease to exist if we could see heaven or hell. We had God walking among us for 30 some years and yet he collected enemies like flies on a dirty dog. Even if you show people absolute truth, the tendency is to follow the feelings instead.

  2. The Queen story is so true. As a co worker and sister in Christ i personally have been so touched by Libby. Her joy, laughter and celebration of life and her faith ring faithful all day long. She is truely light to all who come in contact to her. Despite Libby’s limitations and the tragedy she has experienced in life she runs the race with determination and the joy of her salvation!! Thank Lord for Libby and the gift she is in life. Jesus embraced life and engaged himself into the lives of those around him and just like Libby, may we all have that heart to love and celebrate as you would have us, preparing for the greatest party of all…….the Feast of the Kingdom loving and living as we go.
    Thanks Blogger Brian. You too are an inspiration to me.
    Jennie Lacivita

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