High Heels

What does it mean to see a pair of sneakers hanging over power lines?

This longstanding question of mine became less of a mystery during a recent Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Surprised by the answer, I took to the Net to validate what I’d heard. What I found was interesting. This symbolic act had not just one meaning but several. Here are some of the more common theories:

  1. Drugs are sold here / crack house
  2. Location for gang activity
  3. A bullying tactic
  4. Someone has died (which might be true also if 1, 2, 3, or a combination of the three has any merit)
  5. Virginity lost (Why shoes?)
  6. Celebration of a graduation from high school or college.

This much is true: Megan and I nearly got arrested trying to throw the neighborhood brat’s shoes over the power line for the picture, we’ve had an awful lot of activity from the “criminal element” since, and I’ve peddled more oregano to dudes in red hats and Denver jerseys than ever before. Oh, and a word of warning: please remove the kid from the sneakers before attempting to sling his shoes over the power lines. LOL

Have you heard any other theories? Or better yet, can you come up with some creative ones of your own? A tightrope walker tragedy, doing a line laced with polyvinyl chloride . . .


4 responses to “High Heels

  1. are those srsly your neighbors shoes?!? That is freaking awesome!!! Now you and Megan are going to have to go to Camp Greenlake. The one in HOLES. Good luck with that!!! 🙂

  2. What is Camp Greenlake? Is it a prison? And where is HOLES?

    Should I know this stuff? Am I totally out in left field?

  3. LOL, well from what I know No.4 and No. 6 is the main reason for the shoes on the line, but of course this is when I was a little girl but now a days No. 1 and No. 2 is more fitting.
    And HOLES is a Disney Movie where a little boy is sent to work camp for supposedly stealing a famous basketball players sneakers. And all they did at camp was dig holes looking for a buried treasure.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up Yolanda. I’ve never seen the movie.

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