I know everyone is sick of the Wendy’s meatatarian commercial but it hits home lately, as the leadership and other obedient participants of my church engage in the Daniel Fast. In short, the Daniel Fast eliminates all foods that are sinfully delicious––no meats, no deep fried foods, no bread (unless unleavened and whole wheat a.k.a. cardboard), no refined sugar (or substitutes even), no caffeine, no processed foods, and no ice cream to name a few. It’s a heart healthy (and colon cleansing) diet. It’s a meat-lover’s nightmare!

Thankfully, I’m still sleeping well. But I do have to give props to those who have made the sacrifice to do this for 10, and some for 21, days. I applaud your obedience and I pray that you will hear from God and deepen your relationship with Him. As for me, I’m probably going to Hell for my disobedience. Really though, I’m struggling enough right now simply to not gorge and to just eat my adequate portions. There is certainly no excuse for disobedience and I’m not trying to make any. All I can say is, thank God for His amazing grace. I have made some sacrifices in the past and my next season for an Olympic-caliber sacrifice is probably right around the corner. Of course, no sacrifice would ever be big enough to come close to that of Christ’s.

To anyone making the Daniel Fast sacrifice at Elevation Church, only eight days to go. I cheer you on and admire your efforts!


One response to “Meatatarian

  1. Hey Brian,

    Now this was out of this world.Today is my birthday and I read this and it was more than made my day. I laughter utterly at each word. I loved to read your writings and look forward to them when I see them. I enjoy seeing some one express their thoughts. Unlike me I continue to hid mine behind the scene of m ypersonal computer and become a frail person so the world can not see me and I can not express myself out of the box I am in at least not publicly. So keep up the GREAT JOB! I love it. May God continue to bless you with your creative writing and thoughts and hopefully it will touch others as it does me. I love it.

    Peace be with you always.

    Libby N..(alias Queen) See you around the block

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