McCain Steals the Show

The day after Obama’s history-making acceptance speech with celebrity-like fanfare, the Blockbuster proportion is over. Why it’s not the Top Story in the news today . . .

Obama: Great speech; little substance. (And I thought he was about change?)
McCain: Surprise VP pick; unprecedented event. Sarah Palin could be the fresh, conservative, no-nonsense approach needed for the McCain Camp to upset the apple cart in this election!

I have tried to steer clear of directly addressing politics in my blog because it can often be a very contentious issue. Quite honestly, I have not been in the corner of either Obama or McCain but sometimes, given the choices, you have to pick the lesser of two evils. My goal is to choose the candidates that best fit my conservative, evangelical values. A decision based on anything other than your values is just fruitless and could have detrimental results.


One response to “McCain Steals the Show

  1. Did you know, Brian, that Sarah Palin majored in journalism? Not sure she ever worked in journalism professionally, but, for what it’s worth, she would be well informed, it would seem, about First Amendment freedoms. That’s got to count for something.

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