I bought a Universal Keypad for entry into the house through the garage. I found out that “Universal” is not that universal at all. It turns out that my garage door opener is too old for the current technology. It doesn’t matter that I can program the code because without a keypad that is universal and able to “connect” to my garage door opener, the code is useless.

One thing that never changes and is truly universal is the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ. He died once and for all. It’s hopeless to have the “door,” though, if you don’t know the code to open it. While Christ is the gate to an eternity in Heaven with Father God, you must develop a relationship with Christ (know Him) to enter. Your salvation, then, is universal but only if you know the “code.”

Unfortunately, we have come to assume that because our Savior is universal, then there must be a universal or “one size fits all” approach to developing that relationship with Christ. Whether you have a service that is traditional or “yesterday” or contemporary, whether you sing hymns or bellow out harmonious gospel songs or rock down the house, whether you wear some sort of holy wardrobes or formal attire or jeans and a t-shirt, whether you have a pastor that is old and studied or middle-aged and polished or young and hip, whether you read scrolls or the King James Version or the Message Bible, and whether you meet in a church under the steeple or in someone’s house or in an amphitheater full of people, the only centrality is Christ. If you are growing in your relationship with Christ, then the style or delivery of the message is irrelevant. One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, one message, a variety of strategies. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!


2 responses to “Universal

  1. The Christian Ranter

    Just think how radically Jesus was viewed by the Jewish leaders of his time. Definitely didn’t fit the “size” of that culture.

  2. “If you are growing in your relationship with Christ, then the style or delivery of the message is irrelevant.”

    That is so true. When we get lost in the details, I think, we lose sight of Jesus and God.

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