Holy Guacamole, Batman!

Saw The Dark Knight this past weekend. It was a packed house. Missed it in I-Max as the entire weekend was sold out. None-the-less, it was an AWESOME flick, aside from Batman’s gruff, almost-scary Sling Blade voice. This may have been intentional though to show the caped crusaders struggle with who he is becoming. DEEP, huh? Rumor has it that Batman will face the fiercest of villains in the next feature: Dr. Phil (LOL).

While a sort-of dark side begins to emerge with Batman, a lighter approach was taken with the movie’s setting. It still takes place in Gotham City, of course, but the city trades it dark and gloomy comic book masquerade for a brighter and more contemporary facade. To match, the plot is also more realistic. No fat half-penguin/half-human freak running for political office here (Wait a minute––maybe that’s not so unrealistic after all?). With a lunatic terrorist and mob money-laundering schemes, this story line is easier to grasp.

This wouldn’t be a true review without mentioning the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Did he do a good job? Absolutely. Does he deserve an Oscar? Quite possibly. Am I giving this movie two thumbs up to honor someone because he died? Absolutely not. Johnny Depp could have done as equally well (sorry Ledger fans. I’m not really a Depp fan either; it’s just a random name.) The movie is worthy based on its own merit. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


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