I thought I could fly. In my mind, I could sense the effect of flight. With my arms spread wide and my chest held high, I gaze below ready to ride the winds. People watch on in a bloody look of immense excitement and think “insanity”. Could this be true? Maybe I can’t fly. Possibly my imagination is getting the best of me. But I actually cherish my air of flying. I always reasoned that the mind could conquer all. Could there be exceptions? Am I mentally disrupted or just simply mistaken? I shall no longer bother with this. Jump! Just jump!

This was written in my morbid days for my 9th grade English class as the climax to a story. When I go back and read it now, it seems more like an appeal to step out to pursue your dreams and conquer your doubts. Jump! Just jump!


One response to “JUMP!

  1. I can definitely see the correlation. Humans may not be the only ones who can dream while asleep… I have seen dogs running after something in their dreams. But I do believe that only humans have the capacity to use their imagination in attempt to visual a different reality… or, in other words, Dream.

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