Twin Peaks





Liana Hope and Adleigh Grace Joye, born June 18th, nearly 13 weeks early by emergency C-section due to a pregnancy complication. It was a day of immeasurable joy while at the same time the beginning of seemingly insurmountable odds. Being born prematurely poses its own threat but Liana, the smaller of the two at 1 pound 14 ounces, had additional challenges. Liana had not gotten enough of the placental blood flow resulting in some added obstacles.

Although Liana and Adleigh are showing progress, they still have a significant climb ahead of them. These precious gifts from God need your mountain-moving faith to help them overcome. What are mountains to us are not even mole hills to Almighty God. Let’s stand with Wade and Ferris in praying for a miracle. To God be the glory!

Follow the full journey here. . .


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