Storms of Life

With thunderstorms ravaging the Charlotte area in recent days and threats of hurricanes on the east coast, you can’t help but think of damage control. Preparation before a storm can make a big difference. Putting boards up over the windows to create a barrier against damaging winds, rains, and debris can help protect valuables inside. Avoiding harm by evacuation and dependence on a good support structure like family and friends is indispensable. Ultimately, the structures that survive a ferocious storm are those with strong foundations. And so it goes in the storms of life. Take a board to the head of those you don’t like (just kidding). It’s far better to avoid those negative individuals who want to wreak havoc in your life. Take advantage of your support system. Trust and lean on your faith, your family, and your friends to form that strong foundation needed to weather these storms. If damage does occur, it is comforting to know that you have someone to help you recover. Together, we can all survive the storms of life and live to see a new day full of sunshine. God Bless You!


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