Yesterday, on the glorious 4th day of July on the 232nd birthday of this great country, my wife was witness to a demonstration of the very freedom that we celebrate. As she was driving to work yesterday evening she noticed a Latino boy, not older than 5 years of age, running toward the road. Out of reflex, she blew the horn to alert the child of her approach. The instant he heard the horn, the young boy gave her a double “your number one” salute.

Yeah, laugh for a second because it is funny initially. As the funny wears off, sadness sets in. As much as it is a First Amendment-protected freedom of expression, it represents a decline in the moral fabric that this freedom was built on. Why on earth was a five year old not being closely supervised enough that he was playing near a major thoroughfare? And why was his instinct to flip the bird (he didn’t just see that on TV once, it was a learned response that he was obviously very comfortable doing)? Why doesn’t his parents care enough to keep him safe and set him straight? What is happening to parenting in America?

Well, I’ve got some theories: It’s the bird flu (he flipped her the bird, get it?) Another theory of mine is that cell phones are sucking the brains out of people (Have you ever seen someone drive with the phone to his ear?). No, that can’t be it; our moral decay started long before the cell phone revolution. Ooo, maybe it’s the depletion of the ozone. Never mind, I think that may just be a another racket Al Gore conjured up after inventing the Internet.

All jokes aside, we have lost our moral compass. For decades, God has been being taken out of the equation, leaving the standards of right and wrong solely up to man. Not a bad option, that is, if man is inherently good. Unfortunately, man by nature is evil and has been since the fall of Adam. Left to our own devices, the lines that separate right and wrong will continue to fade to the point where it will be difficult identifying one from the other.

Right and wrong are not and should not be moving targets determined by public opinion. They should be based on fixed absolutes set by an independent, unbiased source that has our best interest at heart. No, I’m not talking about Hollywood or the government; I’m referring to the Creator of Hollywood and government. Morality is not in a bubble––without God to contain it, it is out of control; apart from Supreme standards, chaos ensues.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to “return the King” to his rightful throne (figuratively speaking). As Americans, we have a responsibility to return our country to the rich heritage established by our forefathers. United we stand, divided we fall!


“In regard to this Great Book [the Bible], I have but to say, it is the best gift God has given man. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through this book. But for it we could not know right and wrong.” (emphasis added) ~Abraham Lincoln


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