No, Me First

Remember the days of grammar school when the teacher would ask the class to line up to go to the bathroom or out for recess? As children, we would do everything next to selling our soul to be first; to be the line leader. Boy, how things have changed. Often times, we settle for being second or settle for meager results, at best, only because the effort seems too much to bear. If as a child we can be so persistent in our desire to lead others to a destination with no real value, how much more persistent can we be as adults in our pursuit toward something of real meaning and value? Shake yourself of the “settle for” mentality and go for the gusto; be an overcomer; push the envelope; think outside of the box; turn some heads and raise some eyebrows; make it happen! You can make a difference!!!


One response to “No, Me First

  1. Agreed… and often it’s worse than just ‘settling’. It’s more like “dodging” leadership or avoiding it all together.
    Maybe because we fear that the things we consider meaningful aren’t meaningful enough? Who knows.
    I enjoyed this post, though.

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