Mile Marker 21

Today, I have reached a milestone in my blogging history––blog post #21. Of course, that may seem like nothing to write home about but it represents a rung in my ladder of success . . . a frame in the filming of my big picture . . . a stepping stone in the path to triumph. I have joined the race, leaving some still at the starting gate waiting for the “right conditions” to start (courage, time, skill, etc.) I have overcome what is often the hardest part of the race––the first step. It’s a new place of perspective. I can look back to encourage those still waiting to hear the starting gun, yet I can see farther into the distance than I could before. This is not a place to plant my feet though, only a place to rejuvenate and make adjustments to pace and goals. So it’s on to the next checkpoint for me.

How about you? Have you been dragging your feet on starting your dream? Are you waiting for the “right conditions” before getting started? Have you stopped at a checkpoint along the way and just “checked” out? Does your strategy need some modification?


The starting gun has fired. Lift your foot and take the next step! I hope to see you on the track!


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