Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Remember how your pre-teen goal was to “cut the cord” from your parents so that you could have the independence to do what you want? Of course, the cord is never cut as early as we like. In retrospect, though, maybe the cord should never be cut. Maybe there is a certain responsible point in our lives when the cord should just be attached to something else. I mean, wouldn’t it be more difficult for the cord to get tangled if it were attached to a fixed point?

Take, for example, the extension cord. We take careful, almost OCD, effort to wrap it up in a very organized fashion. However, it seems that every time we take it back out to use it again, it is in a tangled mess. How does it ever get this way? You were careful not to interweave it and you certainly don’t recall twisting it in the same contorted way that you have to untwist it. It sure is frustrating and time-consuming to unravel this civilized mess. But isn’t that a lot like life? At some point in our lives, most of us arrive at this mess of a life, rarely conscious of the small things or decisions that we’ve made to get us there. And to undo it is considerably more difficult. We are not only imperfect but we are incompetent and cannot handle this alone.

That’s why we need to connect to a fixed point, an extension of ourselves. We need a place to draw strength from when times are tough. We need a map to guide us through the windy roads of life. We need a fortress to protect us from enemy fire. We need grounded to an immovable object that will help keep us from getting tangled and we need a source of wisdom and patience when we require unraveling. We need a Savior!


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