Spare Change

He is on that very same corner everyday. In fact, so much about him is the same—his rugged, old jeans; his long, straggly salt and pepper-colored beard; the holes in his oversized shirt; and even his cardboard sign that reads “Disabled Vet: Unable to Work.” And in just the same way, you drive by him everyday, ignoring his pleas for spare change. Ironically, the jingling kind is not the change he needs most. He needs a change in his circumstances, in his methods, and in his self-worth. He could be a valuable member of society if he would just surrender to some spare, or extra, change. But because he only sees “spare change” as a monetary necessity, he will never know success.

Our lives, too, tend to mimic the drifter above, just at a different level. We often get caught up in the busyness of life forgetting who we are or what we are here to accomplish. Like the drifter, we tend to do the same things day in and day out, often expecting different results. But incidentally, the results are always the same. Far too frequently we end up living a life of “quiet desperation,” as Thoreau put it, wanting so much to be noticed, to contribute something, to live the good life but never being able to fully deliver; never contributing much of anything to the world we live in and therefore, never getting much back in return.

Can you use some spare change? If you are not getting the results you long for, when is it time to change your methods? What change in your life will afford you the results you are looking for?


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