TGIF, the 13th or not!

[BIG Sigh] Well, this day is almost over and no major tragedies have befallen me. Of course, I didn’t expect any either—at least not relative to the date. Today is just another day with which I have been bestowed the blessing of breathing fresh air (semi-fresh anyway). This is kind of a contrast from yesterday’s entry where I actually placed some significance on the number 21. The difference: Yesterday, I demonstrated personal significance to a number with relatively no historical significance in order to crystallize a point. Today, however, I’m refuting any personal significance to a date in time that has considerable historical significance in order to invalidate a point, that is, Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.


Though I have had my share of trials, I cannot think of one that has occurred on a Friday the 13th.  In fact, if it were possible to create a timeline of all my struggles in life, or all of yours for that matter, you would be hard pressed to spot even an inkling of statistical significance to Friday the 13th. CAUTION: Do not try to go back and do this—you may just find another “Friday the 13th”, a date with some true statistical value. (This is neither possible nor valid.)


I have no fear in superstition because I have faith in the supernatural—a supernatural God who loves me and watches over me. It is He who decides the substance of my days not some faint, urban legend. It’s interesting that people would invest so much merit in something with such little historical support; yet give so little credit to something with such unparalleled historical evidence as the Bible and its claims truths. The validity of the Bible is unmatched by any other historical work.


I thank God for everyday that He gives me. I thank Him for you also. And if you’re reading and understanding this blog right now, you’re not doing so badly yourself; you should be thanking Him too. Though all of our days may not be good, He’s still a good God all the time. Praise the name of the Most High and thank God it’s Friday, even if it is the 13th!


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