• Legal drinking age in most states
  • Average number of daily citations for underage drinking in North Carolina (okay, I made that up)
  • Target score in Blackjack
  • The current century
  • Number of times you have to tell your kids to do something (seems like it anyway)
  • Israel on the way to the Promised Land (Numbers 21)
  • Number of days it takes to make/break a habit
  • The spread between the Pittsburgh Steeler’s October 7th, 2007 victory over the Seattle Seahawks (Final Score: 21-0)
  • –gun salute: Ceremonial military honor performed when 21 rounds are fired from a battery of artillery pieces.
  • Number of consecutive days you can expect a blog entry from me.

The number 21 has many significances. Today, though, it is significant as it is day 6 of a 21 day blogfest; I am commiting myself to posting an entry for 21 consecutive days to develop momentum, stir up my creative juices, and turn this new found hobby into a habit. After that, my goal is to post an entry every other day, or four times per week. As was Israel in Numbers 21, I am on my way to my “promised land,” that is, being recognized for my writing ability.

What’s your “promised land”? What talent or ability is lying dormant in you right now?

CHALLENGE: Commit 21 days toward awakening the greatness that lies within you.


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