Full Team Ahead

* Some of what I have written in the past seems to relate more toward the workplace but I think it can be applied in other areas as well. Besides, who among us couldn’t use a little help at work!

It is the championship game of your favorite sport. There is a capacity crowd and not only are you part of it, but you are on the edge of the best seat in the house. Your team is down by one point but they are making a valiant comeback effort. Time is running out. As your team’s star player initiates the last and final play, the one that could win it all, the crowd rises to their feet to cheer him on. Victory seems eminent; you can feel it in the air. In a surprising and ironically self-less turn of events, the star hands control of the ball to the opposing team. As the clock winds to zero, the game ends and your jaw drops. Your team’s championship dream shattered. Unusual? You bet.

Not unusual enough that you haven’t seen it! Although maybe not with your favorite sports team, more than likely in a department at work or even a ministry team. You know the scenario: Everyone seems to be working diligently, moving the team closer to the intended goal and ultimately toward the mission. Then, somebody “drops the ball.” Maybe it’s through conflict with another teammate; maybe the person gets slack, letting important job responsibilities slip; or maybe this person is simply not making it to work when scheduled. It’s almost as if this person is oblivious to proper work etiquette, to the team, and quite possibly to the mission. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

Luckily, there is hope. There is good reason that you don’t see this tragic scenario above in sports. It’s because everyone on the team has the same end in mind; they are all committed to the same purpose. Although each team member contributes different skills and personalities, each of them has been taught common principles to help them reach the same goal. Like the sports analogy, the solution is the same for us. It takes a team! And to make a team, it takes team players—it takes you! Of course, we may still lose—“you can lose with good players, but you cannot win with bad ones” says John C. Maxwell, but at least we will do it together.

Be a team player, not a team slayer. Remember, individuals play the game but teams win the championship. Be a champion, join the team!


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  1. I really like this one!

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