Boy, Pastor was really on fire today–or maybe that was the lack of A/C at the Butler campus this morning? At any rate, God is good!

I was thinking that maybe we should petition Congress to change the name of the day from “Sunday” to “Sonday” in order to reflect this day of worship. But then I thought, “Everyday should be Sonday, as He is our reason for being, wholly (that’s little ‘w’ and extra ‘l’, not big ‘H’) worthy of more praise then we have to give (because He is Holy, big ‘H’, no extra ‘l’).” Pay attention–this may get confusing: Our “holey” efforts to worship the most Holy God should be wholly made over. Worship is not an interruption of our day, it should be the centerpiece cornerstone (better word since the Bible does reference Jesus as the cornerstone). Wherever you’re at in your worship time, let’s make just a little more room for the Son everyday.

As for the name of the day, Sunday works just fine the way it is. Our literal light source of this world is the sun, created by none other than, the eternal “light of the world.” Glory to God! Besides, without A/C today at Butler,we felt like we were being baked in the sun.

Be the Sonshine in somebody’s life this week. I can’t think of a better way to honor God!


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